Mac Pro Repair Bournemouth


Mmac pro repair bournemouthac Pro Repair Bournemouth

The new Apple Mac Pro line is a series of Intel Xeon based work station computers, encased in the famous black cylinder. The Mac version of a desktop PC but with advanced architecture, components and operating system. A truly fantastic and compact design with highly efficient cooling, and also a work of art in itself.

The Mac Pro is a powerhouse and can be specced up continually. Our Mac Pro repair services can vary from upgrading your ram, a faster hard drive or SSD and we can swap out components on the rare occasion that your Mac Pro is faulty. We can even repair to component level if need be saving expensive logic board costs.

We can also repair the older cheese grater case style Mac Pro’s too, with components readily available. We can also help with software upgrading, training and maintenance.

For a comprehensive list of our and the best Mac Pro Repair Bournemouth services please contact us now on 07541 519851 or email us for more information.

Mac Pro Repair Bournemouth