Macbook Air Repair Bournemouth

Macbook Air Repair Bournemouth

Macbook Air Repair BournemouthBased in Bournemouth, we repair The Macbook Air. It is a technological marvel. Beautifully designed, very light and compact and able to perform difficult tasks. The cost of replacement can be expensive. Why not let our tech guys take a look for you. Our prices can not be beaten!

Issues  with your MacBook Air 11″ or 13″

  • Blue screen or Grey screen / ‘Flashing Folder’.
  • Problems with the mac power lead or AC adapter.
  • Battery needs replacing?
  • Keyboard sticking / keys not responding.
  • dead screen

Could it be your SSD hard drive?

If you notice any of the following behaviour on your MacBook Air please contact us immediately:

  • the dark grey folder icon has a question mark on it ??  and flashes repeatedly
  • completely white blank screen
  • incredibly sub-standard performance (tasks take longer, than usual, the machine taking longer to respond to commands and boot up)
  • water damage
  • seeing a multi-coloured spinning circle (looks like a rotating beachball)

Macbook Air Repair Bournemouth


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